• Ribeye Steak £24

    Served with fries, sautéed vegetables and peppercorn mushroom sauce

  • T Bone Steak (Sundays Only) £35

    Dry aged matured 500 gram T Bone With fries and salad

  • Special Grill Combo for 1 or 2 £22/£35

    Lamb shish, lamb cutlets, lamb köfte, chicken shish, chicken köfte, wings and sautéed vegetables

  • Kebab Duos £18

    Chicken & Lamb Shish or Chicken & Lamb Köfte - served with rice sand sautéed vegetables

  • Lamb Cutlets £18

    Served with chips and sautéed vegetables

  • Chicken Wings £15

    With BBQ or Mediterranean marinade - served with chips and sautéed vegetables

  • Iskender £18

    Lamb or chicken shish or köfte, topped with a tomato sauce and yoghurt, served with herbed potatoes

  • Seabass or Salmon £15

    Served with fries and sautéed vegetables with a pot of creamy mushroom sauce on the side


    Marinated, chargrilled fillets with fries & salad

  • Royal Veggie £15

    A combo of stuffed aubergine, vegetable moussaka and falafel balls, served with rice and vegetables

  • Sexy Salad £15

    Green salad with halloumi, avocado and a choice of chicken shish or king prawns

Gourmet Burgers

All burgers are served in a charcoal or pretzel bun filled with melted cheese, homemade sauce, red picked onions and gherkins with chips or sweet potato fries on the side.

  • The Cheese Burger £12
  • Grilled Chicken Burger £12
  • Ottoman Lamb Burger £12
  • Famous Kaz Burger £15

    Combo of beef and chicken patty

  • Falafel & Halloumi Burger £12

Kids Menu

All meals are served with fries.