All of the dishes below are served with our Helvy side salad, feta cheese, mixed olives, Helvy diced house fries and our classic pitta.

  • The Classic: Menemen £10

    An authentic homemade veggie sauté made with peppers, onions, tomatoes, and a subtle hint of spice, with softly poached free range eggs on top. Delicious as the original classic on its own or with toppings.

    Add sujuk (sliced garlic & herb Turkish sausage) or Halloumi for £2

  • Helvy Omlette £12

    Whisked free range eggs with cheese and mushrooms, choose from toppings:
    - Sujuk

  • Eggs Sultan £9

    Cilbir: Poached free range eggs on a bed of Helvy pitta, covered with rich creamy Turkish yoghurt, drizzled with a Turkish herbed butter.

  • Sweet Dream Pancakes £9

    Light and fluffy buttermilk pancakes + a choice of classic or strawberry clotted cream + maple syrup + season fruits and a choice of chocolate or caramel sauce to pour at your pleasure.